High Holy Days Parking at Westwood Village Theatre

Those attending services in Westwood Village have three options for parking:


IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have not pre-purchased a $10 parking pass by Monday, September 3, you will be subject to the posted rates and availability at a lot. KI passes are not available for day-of purchase at any location.

  • MITZVAH CIRCLE: All members of the Mitzvah Circle will be contacted regarding parking passes.


  • DISABLED PARKING: Handicap parking has been arranged at adjacent lots to the theater. Please print out your dated pass and give it to the attendant upon arrival. If you need handicap parking and have not yet received your pass, please call Adam Simon at 424-214-7451. Additionally, you are welcome to drop off a passenger on Broxton Ave. directly in front of the theater before proceeding to your assigned parking lot or finding your own parking.


  • GENERAL PARKING: For those who have purchased advance passes, please go to the address on your pass and bring your printed dated parking pass with you:


1010 Glendon LA, CA 90024 – This is a commercial complex and the entrance to the parking garage is next to Trader Joe’s on the east side of Glendon, just south of Weyburn. You will be given a parking ticket upon entrance and will present it along with your parking pass when you exit. It is a short 2 block walk through Westwood Village to the venue. Directions to 1010 Glendon can be found here, directions from 1010 Glendon to Westwood Village Theatre can be found here.

While this parking structure provides a quick and easy walk to the Westwood Village Theatre, KI will also be running shuttles to help transport attendees to the theatre.



If you would like to find your own parking, please click this link for other lots in the area. Please note that the lots contained in that link are not contracted through KI and a space cannot be guaranteed in advance and those parking are subject to the specific rates of the lot, which can vary, depending on the day and time. For your convenience, click here for a map of the area. No matter where you choose to park, please allow extra time to find your parking and make your way to the theatre. 


    If you’re interested in utilizing a ride-sharing service and not dealing with parking, we’re happy to offer the following discount with Lyft: Use the promo code “kehillat” within the Lyft app and all new users will receive $5 off each of their first 10 rides. To find out how much a ride with Lyft would cost, please use this link and scroll down to “Estimate Trip Cost.” For more info on the promo code, go to https://www.lyft.com/invite/KEHILLAT.