Volunteer and Get Involved

Many generous KI members volunteer their time and energy in support of events and programs at Kehillat Israel, from the High Holy Days and Purim to office support and membership integration. There is a magic to the mix of people who come forward for each opportunity, and who mold this community with their presence. You can be a part of this magic.Volunteer participation is crucial to meeting the diverse spiritual, educational and social needs of our community. Kehillat Israel NEEDS YOU -- your enthusiasm, your time, your expertise and your dedication -- to make it all happen.

By getting involved, you will enhance your sense of belonging, enjoy a deeper connection to your community, meet new people, have fun and give something back. When you give of yourself, not only are you fulfilling mitzvot, but you are also contributing your unique talents to help create a thriving, vibrant synagogue community and a better world for yourself, your family and future generations.

Kehillat Israel offers many ways to participate in congregational life. How involved you would like to be or how much time you want to devote is up to you.

We will get in touch with you about your area(s) of interest. Can't find your niche? Create one! Just get involved.

KINCaring Needs Volunteers

KI Needs volunteers who can help us reach out to our Kehillat Israel family. Volunteers are needed to:

  • Provide transportation assistance to the Temple for services and events
  • Write notes to help us better communicate and be in touch with congregants
  • Coordinate meal assistance for congregants who are ill or in mourning (Shiva or Shloshim)
  • Visit or phone congregants who are hospitalized, ill at home, or shut-in at home

Please contact KINCaring to offer a hand or request assistance: 310.459.2328 x274 or kincaring@kehillatisrael.org.