• Remember We Were Slaves

    Rabbi Steven Carr Reuben, Ph.D. I read a powerful blog by Malika Sasada Saar, the executive director of Rights4Girls, a US based human rights organization for young women and girls. Malika wrote: “On the 150th anniversary of when President Lincoln issued the preliminary Emancipation Proclamation, which set the date for the freedom of more than 3 million enslaved Americans, President Obama called for the end of modern day slavery.

  • "I'm not Coming Down from the Cross"

    Rabbi Steven Carr Reuben, Ph.D. Today is the first time in 598 years that the Catholic Church has been without a Pope for any reason other than death. The last Pope to step down while still alive was Pope Gregory XII in 1415 – until Benedict XVI said his final farewell this week before a crowd of 100,000 of the faithful applauding, cheering, waving banners of support in St.

  • New Year's Resolutions

    Rabbi Steven Carr Reuben, Ph.D. Q – “What does a caterpillar do for New Year’s? A – Turns over a new leaf.

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