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Over the past several years, Kehillat Israel has been able to provide our community with wonderful CD recordings, each with its own purpose: to provide healing for the sick, to teach melodies to celebrate the holidays and Shabbat, and to show support for our loved ones in the midst of terrorism.

These albums have been graciously sponsored by members of our loving community to provide support for all. There is a description below of several of our KI recordings. If you are interested in having any one of these CDs for your own collection, please call our Kehillat Israel office at 310-459-2328 to request a copy. We would be honored to include you in our musical community.

The Still Small Voice is Heard The Still Small Voice is Heard - V’kol Demama dako Yishama
The month of Elul brings an overwhelming amount of emotions- renewal, repentance, reconnecting, resolutions, and more. In this album of High Holy Day music, you can follow the musical cycle of the Days of Awe from Selichot all the way to Neilah. This album includes High Holy Day prayers like Avinu Malkeinu, Hin’ni, Untaneh Tokef, B’rosh Hashana, and of course, Kol Nidre. With musical renditions of these traditional liturgical pieces by composers Aminadav Aloni, Louis Lewandowski, Max Janowski, Cantor Meir Finkelstein, Cantor Uri Frenkel (Cantor Chayim’s beloved father of blessed memory), and Rabbi Steven Carr Reuben, there are melodies to appeal to all varying musical tastes.

Use this CD to learn new music or enjoy the old favorites from your childhood. You may listen to help prepare your heart and soul for our holiest time of the year, or you may simply share the music with your family and friends at all your holiday gatherings. Whatever you chose, this High Holy Day CD is one you should have in your collection.

This album was graciously sponsored by Harold and Myra Shapiro in loving memory of Rabbi Joseph N. Shapiro (z”l).

Kindle the Sabbath Flame Kindle the Sabbath Flame - L’hadlik Ner Shabbat
This amazingly beautiful Shabbat album was created in conjunction with the creation of our monthly Kabbalat Shabbat service which is celebrated on the second Friday of every month. These special melodies, some of which were composed especially for this album by composerCantor Meir Finkelstein and composer (and congregant) Garry Corman, give all who listen to the album, as well as those who attend these services, a time to truly relax, shake off the week, and begin the process of slowing down for Shabbat rest.

During our monthly Kabbalat Shabbat services, we sing these special melodies from this album to the traditional Shabbat prayers such as Shema, L’cha Dodi, Yedid Nefesh, and Hashkivienu. Our 4-piece orchestra at the Kabbalat Shabbat service combines the unique sounds of piano, cello, woodwind, and percussion. Our musical director for this Shabbat service, Michael Asher, also a congregant, created stunning musical arrangements for all of our Kabbalat Shabbat music.

This album was generously sponsored by Harold and Myra Shapiro in loving memory of Tillie Menkov Shapiro (z”l).

Nishmat Tzedek A Righteous Soul - Nishmat Tzedek
Nishmat Tzedek is an orchestral and choral work loosely based on the traditional Jewish Yizkor (Memorial) service. This inspiring composition, which Cantor Chayim Frenkel commissioned from his dear friend, Cantor Meir Finkelstein, received its premiere in 1994 in Los Angeles, CA. Although originally this was created in response to a personal loss for Cantor Frenkel, that of his brother Tzvi Frenkel (z”l), this CD was revised and rededicated later in 2000 in response to the devastating terrorist attacks that began in Israel that year. Cantor Frenkel and Cantor Finkelstein felt the need to find a meaningful way to help alleviate the suffering of those who lost loved ones in the on-going terrorism that plagues our world.

They felt that a moving musical work might help their Jewish brothers and sisters everywhere to find a measure of solace and perhaps ease their loss and grief. The Nishmat Tzedek package is a gorgeous combination of photographs by Eric Lawton. It includes a memorial book with a list of those whom we lost, explanations of all the prayers including beautiful new renditions of Eil Malei Rachamim, Adonai Ma Adam, and The Lord is My Shepard, as well as a book of the sheet music to all these incredible melodies. This is an amazing work of art and music, and it was obviously created from the depths of the soul.

This album was graciously sponsored by the Palermo Ravich family, Jeffrey and Joyce Sudikoff and the Sudikoff Foundation, along with a special grant from the Nathan Cummings Foundation, with support and encouragement from James and Sonia Cummings. The album is dedicated by the Kehillat Israel Community in loving memory of Erika Whitmore Godwin whose special light will shine in our hearts forever.

The Soul Within – an Album of Healing Music

The Soul Within As the world continues to need more healing, both personally and universally, this unique album of healing music is timeless. With two beautiful renditions of the traditional healing prayer Mi Shebeirach as the opening and closing of this album, we are taken on a cycle of songs, both traditional and contemporary, to help with the healing of both our body and soul.

Musical contributions to this album are made by Cantor Meir Finkelstein, Grammy-award winning composer Cantor Doug Cotler, and world-renown Jewish composer Debbie Friedman. Beautiful musical renditions of Mah Tovu, Yiyu L’ratzon, and Shema, and others are premiered on this album by Cantor Natalie Hajnal Young (a Bat Mitzvah alumni at KI) – a name you will certainly hear again and again in the Jewish music world. Another special note – the colorful cover design of this album was created by Peter Max. If you are in need of healing, or if you know someone in need with whom you could share this soulful album, please call us to get your copy.

This album was lovingly sponsored by Elizabeth Weiner and David Weiner in memory of their father/grandfather Paul Weiner (z”l).

Hinei Ma Tov Hinei Mah Tov
This wonderful album takes us on a musical journey throughout the entire year of Jewish holidays. From the High Holy Days right on through Shavuot, there is music from all of our holidays including the old “standards” as well as beautiful new renditions of all of our prayers and traditional songs which make sharing the Jewish holidays with family and friends so special. This is the perfect album to put on the stereo at family gatherings. You might even spark some of your guests to begin a sing-along!

This album was sponsored in loving memory of Mitchell Roberts Neiman (z”l) by his family, Wayne Neiman, Anne Roberts, and Spencer Neiman.

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