Annual Giving

Annual Giving

KI needs your support. 

Every year, we count on the members of our congregation to go above and beyond their membership dues to support all of the activities, programs, and events that make KI the vibrant community that it is today and all that it can be in the year to come.

Membership dues, tuition and program fees cover only 82% of our budget leaving us with more than $1 million to raise each year.

Your contributions make KI possible. Every gift counts!

KI mattters. You matter. Your generosity matters.

Please donate to KI’s Annual Giving today by clicking here.

Please see your Membership Renewal Form to make your Annual Giving gift today! If you would like to make it separately from renewals, please contact the development office at 424-214-7463.



The Mitzvah Circle is the highest level of Annual Giving that unlocks our treasure of spiritual, communal, social, educational, and philanthropic programs. By donating $1,200 or more to our Annual Giving Campaign, your household automatically becomes a member of the KI Mitzvah Circle.

More information, including the VIP benefits, can be found here.


To make your make your gift or discuss other giving options, contact Tricia Nykin, Associate Director of Member Engagement and Development, at 424.214.7463 or


We are currently at 60% participation for this year.